Spiritual Bypassing 1-Day Intensive

  • Have you been on a spiritual path for a while but haven't experienced a significant change in your life?

  • Are you finding that your interpersonal challenges remain intact?

  • Do you feel there's something missing in your spiritual practise?

    Join us to discover the power of self-compassion, healthy anger, and positive disillusionment.

In the life of any sincere spiritual seeker there comes a time of great disillusionment with spirituality itself. This may seem like bad news at first, yet what is given birth to is a life of open-eyed, authentic spirituality in which every aspect of our being is equally valued and honoured - a spirituality that gently calls forth the best in us.

Spirituality promises so much, but only gives back as much as we give ourselves to it. In the hopes of ascension and transcendence, many leave behind their humanity - trying to rise above the pain of life instead of emerging through it.

Join us to explore the many faces of spiritual bypassing.

In this open conversation, we will explore:

- the origins of spiritual bypassing
- major tell tale signs of spiritual bypassing
- bringing compassion to the bypasser in us
- practices for a more grounded spiritual life