The Hero’s Journey 1-Day Intensive

The space that Cenk holds for everyone to process and discover new and healthy perspectives is amazing.
I could not recommend this course more!
— Kyle, 32

Interactive / Experiential


Mind-Body Integrating

Limited to 10 men

You are not alone.

This 1-day workshop will give you a solid understanding on men’s inner work and what it means to heal and grow as a man in today’s confusing world. These groups offer a solid, respectful, and compassionate container for deep inner work.

Topics include:

  • A Fresh and Bold Vision of Well Being: Bringing Together Mind, Heart, and Guts / Understanding Healthy Anger: Embodying Your Authentic Voice - Healthy Boundaries

  • Seeing Through Shame and Guilt: Accessing True Dignity / Getting to Know the Dragon of Fear: Towards Real Freedom

  • Relationship as Path: Healing and Growth Through Mature Monogamy / True Sexual Freedom: Unburdening Sex

  • Mindfulness - Cultivating Presence: The Practice of Grounded Spaciousness / Befriending Sadness and Grief: The Heart Broken Open - Gratitude and Love

To register call Cenk at 778 321 6867 or

send an email to

Not alone.
— Brodie, 47